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Twisted Passage: Alternate Realities

June 17, 2012

I decided to dust off some old notes since I noticed they still speak to the present…

A strange day

by Twisted Passage By Sonja Bandolik on Friday, December 3, 2010 at 5:40am ·

 I tried something new & it turned into a strange day on my Fan site.  I am against censorship and I have made a personal commitment to accept and deal with criticism as it comes.  However, when I posted the prompt for everyone’s opinion about whether nudism could also be Christian I didn’t expect that emotions would run so high.   I also post quotes from other people.  The quotes are chosen solely based on the message and are not an endorsement of any particular celebrity (unless the acknowledgement that this person said something that I consider worthy of sharing to be an endorsement).

I could have deleted posts by a particular fan that I disagreed with.  I didn’t because I like the idea of using the page as an open forum where people can discuss what’s on their minds or in their hearts.  It wouldn’t be much of a conversation if I only allowed people I agree with to speak.  I did, however, send private messages to the individual who I felt was “stirring the pot” to no avail.

Just for the record, Twisted Passage is a journey story about imperfect characters in the real world.  The book has many background themes and settings including nudism, swinging, drug & alcohol abuse, and violence as well as many other dysfunctional relationships.  However twisted it gets, the reality remains that the characters don’t make bad choices because of anything outside of themselves.  They carry their flaws within and would make the same mistakes regardless of the setting or theme.

As for my personal spiritual beliefs, I don’t believe in accidents.  Everyone is exactly where they need to be at this moment – right or wrong.  You’ve either found enlightenment or you’re where you are because there is still something you need to work through.  That’s all I’m going to say about MY beliefs because, in fact, my beliefs should not be important to anyone but me.  Each one of you have the obligation to determine your own values and build your own reality that is founded on who & what YOU are rather than from anything or anyone outside of you. I have treasured friends and family members who have been drawn to many different brands of enlightenment, spirituality, or worship.  No one person or group can accurately claim they represent an entire belief system.  There are serene, kind people, confused, angry believers, and posers within virtually every belief system.  While I tend to enjoy the kind serene people I know that I am in no position to cast judgment on the others.  The world is full of people fighting unseen battles with silent dragons.

This note is going out because the “fan” in question has written a review of my book that is less than flattering and I’ve decided to post it.  I often ask readers if they would send a 3-5 sentence review of the book.  I have never asked “Would you give me a 3-5 sentence GOOD review” because I want honest feedback.  Just as I allow people to post comments that I may disagree with for the sake of keeping an open forum, I will also publish all reviews – good or bad.  I’m not including her review in this note. It can, however, be found on the fan page for Twisted Passage.

Sonja Bandolik


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