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Twisted Passage: Unpublished Poem

August 19, 2012

Twisted Passage was written from a lifetime of journals, piles of napkins that had ‘wisdom’ scribbled on them, court documents, and from my personal collection of poems, essays, dreams & past life regressions.  The mountains of material I drew from to put together a distilled coherent story still resides in cardboard boxes hidden in out of the way cabinets.    This poem, written a year before my divorce fell out of cabinet today.  Like a lot of my dusty words, I’d forgotten about it.  It’s kind of amazing to look back, knowing I wrote this as if it had already happened, and realize that even with that level of clarity, the person I was then had just under a decade of serious struggle to go through before she would emerge from the other side of that ‘door’.

Untouched and out of touch we gained only distance.

All our wishes came untrue while we plowed fool speed ahead.

We spoke volumes in emblems and meant every word we never said.

And the fear we created made us forget we were happy.

You said all you did was give us a bit of patina; wounds to thicken the skin.

But that made us stronger, not better.

Though I knew that most of the time

The things I tried to tell you were nothing more than sound in your ears,

I had hoped you could still hear the music

Even when the lyrics eluded you.

Finding out you thought so little of me helped me realize

 I thought too much of you.

I believe in glass and other unseen barriers –

But not more than I believe in doors and my ability to walk through them.



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  1. David Keffer permalink


  2. Sonja Kasal permalink

    This says it all. (But not more than I believe in doors and my ability to walk through them.)

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