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What Men Find Sexy – Brothel Line-Ups

May 26, 2014



I was doing this as behind the scenes research for my book and never expected to be very successful in the brothel because of my age. The image I had of the successful prostitute was of the young 20 something, perfect spinner type bod with big round fake tits. I worked out and was fit but I was mostly concerned with not looking ridiculous trying to look sexy standing next to girls young enough to be my daughters. However, I was shocked when I was picked from my very first line-up.   I was more shocked when I became one of the more popular girls in the house.

The first line-ups I stood in at that seedy rural brothel up north opened my eyes to what real guys find sexy. I was pressured to set myself apart and flaunt what made me unique. Features I disliked became assets I showcased. The fact I was a ‘mature’ was a salable attribute.   I had a warmer more sensual attitude towards sex than most of the younger girls. My large areolas, that I always hated, were attractors. I was getting picked frequently over girls less than half my age because I wasn’t marked up with tats or piercings. I was picked because I reminded a guy of his wife. I got picked because I had good teeth, short hair, real tits. I even got picked out of the lineup once by a redneck because I was the whitest looking girl in the place. When word got out about my prominent clit – I got picked for that! Years of being self-conscious of the fact that I didn’t have a polite pussy were for naught. It seemed that men wanted to see it and loved the fact that there was no guesswork when they played with it. We simply never knew what any man walking in the door was going to want in a woman.   My new job seemed to be to amplify everything that made me “ME”.

It wasn’t just me getting picked for things I thought would disqualify me. Fat girls, or as they called themselves now ‘thick ’ were popular with a lot of the truckers and darker skinned ethnics. Blondes and red-heads were the popular picks by oriental & middle-eastern men. The Korean girl, not pretty, warm or young, but the only oriental was picked for that alone. Often a girl got picked when word got out she had a bush, was a squirter, or was extremely flexible. In many cases – her overall looks were not a factor. Of course there was also the stereotypical hot sweet blond little girl look that sold but that was something I expected. In fact that was ALL I expected. This culture had proven to be much richer and more complex than I imagined it could be. When you got picked for something you had that no one else in the line-up was offering, there were no hurt feelings. It was not a competition as much as it was a lottery. We all knew we were apples and oranges.

The other thing I worried about was spite, cattiness and jealousy from the other girls. That didn’t happen, either. In fact, the girls worked together and supported one another a great deal. If a girl in the house wasn’t getting picked or hadn’t booked in awhile it created tension for the whole group. It was an imbalance that threatened peace. That girl would be frequently found in the company of other girls who would loan her outfits, help her with hair and make-up, advise her, invite her into one of their parties for threesomes.   The happiest times were when everybody got a little something. Of course having a houseful of women basking in the afterglow of their orgasms was a great harmony enhancer as well.

It finally struck me why the real experience of having men choose what they enjoy about women was so different than what I had believed they wanted. We get our ‘picture’ of what defines a sexy woman primarily from the glossy fashion mags.     Who dominates the fashion industry?   Gay men.   What do most of the high fashion models look like?   Adolescent boys; tall, lanky, square hips, flat chest, hair pulled back, square jaw, prominent ears, surly expression.  What I was finding in the brothel was that heterosexual men liked women of all shapes and sizes but most of all they loved girls with curves. They loved girls who smiled. They loved girls who reminded them of other girls.   Confucius said, “Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.”  I was charmed to learn that, for the most part, men are not so shallow as the popular media characterizes them to be.   They really do see beauty in all women.


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