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Virtual & Real Wedding Packages

May 27, 2014


If the classic traditional wedding just isn’t for you, Love Ranch Vegas (& Alien Cathouse*) whimsical weddings present a lot of fun and different options. Love Ranch Vegas Weddings are imaginative weddings with an Authentic Brothel Madam as a minister. If you’re looking for a unique, personalized ceremony, check out our amazing variety of creative wedding packages. All include special touches as well as character options to officiate your vow exchange. We’re delighted to customize any ceremony so that it will become your dream wedding.  All ceremonies come complete with paperwork whether it’s a souvenir, commemorative, or legal documentation.  We don’t have to stop at the ceremony, though.  You can also organize the sexy after-party of your wildest fantasies.  Whether you choose a ritual ceremony, legal matrimony, or a vow renewal ceremony – you get to set the tone for where that is going to lead. You may simply want to infuse some sexy in your union by consummating your marital commitment in our passion drenched location. Perhaps you and your spouse want to celebrate your new open marriage by bringing in a bridesmaid or two to consummate your mutual commitment to passion?  Or, maybe, you want to experience a polyamorous fantasy with multiple sister wives? We’ll make sure to work with you to nail this special occasion, allowing you to participate as much as you want and helping with the details you want us to handle for you.   Whatever your fantasy, we can customize your experience to be a highlight of your life.

At Love Ranch Vegas, our traditional wedding packages are just right for virtual weddings, legal marriage ceremonies, and intimate vow renewals. Both our Outdoor Gazebo Chapel and our intimate indoor Vegas Passion Chapel make for quaint, picturesque, romantic, or a campy setting to say “I Do” for the first time or again and again.



Ritual Weddings, Vow Renewals, Anniversary Celebrations


“Vegas Hangover Ritual Wedding”

Throw back some liquid courage and be spontaneous.  Pick your bride straight from a brothel line-up or even the bar.  Get hitched in a ceremonial wedding ritual followed by a reception in the Cherry Patch Bar & a consummation party in the Vegas Honeymoon Suite.   You can even have your first extramarital affair down the hall at our Cheap Motel Room, “Dick’s Halfway Inn”, with one or more of the bridesmaids.  But don’t worry about drama when your “wife” finds out.  Your new bride will serve you breakfast and souvenir annulment papers in the morning.

“Bros-n-Hos Ritual Wedding”

The more the merrier!  We take Bromance to a whole other level.  This is all about Beer, Babes, & Bros United!  Pair up with the gal of your choice and you can all repeat your vows together before following-up with a beer pong reception with your new old ladies. You decide if you want Sports or Porn on the big screen as you lift your Red Solo Cups to cheer to the fact that – tonight – you all get to be the “Best Man”.

“Same Sex Ritual Wedding”

Feel free to treat this like a mainstream traditional wedding because someday soon – it will be.  But why should you have to wait for the world to validate what you already know is real? It is such a happiness when good people get together — and they always do.  Here is your opportunity to enjoy the sacred ceremony that all soul-mates deserve when they want to declare their love and commitment before their friends and loved ones.  Make this the iconic day you deserve.

“Polyamorous Ritual Wedding”

If you want to open your life and your heart to simultaneous close emotional relationships with two or more other individuals – this is your ceremony.  We believe you have a right to develop a relationship structure that works for you & we support any relationship as valid as long as it is a choice made by consenting adults.  The Love Ranch Vegas is happy to be a sanctuary where you can solemnize your non-traditional, yet very real, relationship.  We also offer the poly “experience” if you are just in the beginning stage of thinking how much hotter “more” can be in a relationship and you’re ready to give your seminal idea a test-run.

“Mail Order Bride Ritual Wedding”

We’re taking a very old-fashioned tradition and adapting it to our virtual age.  Choose, meet, and develop a relationship with your bride online.  Book & plan the wedding together – then meet for the first time (in the flesh) at the altar for your ritual wedding.  This is an ideal wedding experience for the confirmed bachelor in real life who wants to still experience this milestone celebration.  All the experience & fond memories – and even pictures to immortalize the event – with none of the commitment.  Of course – if you find you have chemistry with your new “wife” you can always workout a long-distance relationship to keep the passion fresh over time!

Renewal of Vows 

Passion is the number one indicator for marital success and there is no better location to tap into the power of passion than the Love Ranch Vegas. Reaffirm Your Love with a Love Ranch Vegas Wedding Vow Renewal Ceremony.  Perhaps you were unable to have the formal church wedding the first time?  You can choose a romantic, traditional ceremony just like your first wedding, or a fun and crazy Love Ranch Vegas-style wedding package, the one you may have wished for the first time, but didn’t dare go through with. Or you could be looking to bring back some of the romance and excitement by rebooting your relationship with another wedding day? We offer a myriad of options. Celebrating an anniversary? A wedding vow renewal at The Love Ranch Vegas is the perfect way to commemorate a milestone Anniversary! We can even arrange for a surprise renewal, planning in cahoots with the grown children of parents for their parent’s wedding anniversary.

Legal Marital Unions

“Traditional Marriage Ceremony”

Your glamorous wedding at Love Ranch Vegas can be a unique statement or blend all the best elements of an elegant, and even a traditional ceremony, with the fun and fantasy of a wedding theme. Wear your own creative costumes (or, we do offer some costume options on premise), come in traditional gown and tux, or even wear shorts, flip flops and Hawaiian shirts.

Our themed Love Ranch Vegas wedding packages include minister, chapel fee, digital photo packages, a complement of bridesmaids aka witnesses, and courtesy round-trip limousine service from your Las Vegas hotel. Since all packages are customizable you can add or subtract elements to create the perfect event within the boundaries of your imagination & budget.  Choose from our most popular Love Ranch Vegas Wedding Packages, including (but not limited to) our Elvis Blue Hawaii ceremony, featuring a legal prostitute dressed up as The King lip syncing Elvis songs. Your “Elvis” can even be flanked by hula girls who dance to the “Hawaiian I’m getting Laid Tonight Song”.  You can even tap into our sister brothel – Alien Cathouse’s vibes – and enjoy an out of this world “Alien” themed event.   Whatever mood you choose to commemorate your big event – you will leave here legally married as Husband & Wife.


Day of the Dead Wedding

The Day of the Dead serves as a positive affirmation of the cycle of life and death, allowing people to reconnect with the spirits of their loved ones on the Other Side.We were all born and one day we will all die, a concept that Day of the Dead helps us acknowledge, so that we may live our lives with more awareness and meaning.  What better theme for a wedding than a Day of the Dead ceremony that expresses the beauty and mystery of life and death. This is a time of sacred celebration & for introspection.  It’s also great fun!

Nudist Wedding

Nudism a lifestyle grounded in harmony with nature, expressed through social nudity that has no room for body shame. Those who are members of this natural community often prefer that all their important moments happen in the buff among their kindred.  We can offer a wedding package in which you and your spouse to be can stand naked & offer your unadorned vows to each other before your friends and family.   We know there’s more than one kind of nudism so you choose whether it’ll be all nude for you, your wedding party, and guests or clothing optional.  The undress code is yours to determine.


Reception Packages

Whether you want a choreographed reception complete with a band or DJ, a first dance with the bride & groom, a best man toast, throwing of the bouquet and other traditional elements or just want an all-out party where you & your guests throw back some drinks, dance, sing karaoke, and revel we’ve got you covered.  Depending on the size of your wedding party, we are also able to offer transportation (car, limo, or helicopter), lodging, next morning brunch, discounted pre-ceremony & next day spa services.  Every package is customizable & negotiable.  From traditional weddings to casual, low-key get-togethers to elaborate themed affairs, The Love Ranch Vegas Passion Chapel promises to make your wedding an event to remember. We’re honored to be a part of your special day.

Honeymoon Package

Have your Sex Staycation right at the brothel.  What better place to charge up your sex mojo for your long-term relationship?  Stay & play with each other – hole up in your room & get room service –  or be as social & playful as you want to be with our ladies.   Both Love Ranch Vegas & Alien Cathouse are in the center of the great sex triangle – centered between Las Vegas, Area 51, & Death Valley.  There are no shortages of diverse past-times to break up your days once you find you must recharge before you can go at it again.   All packages are completely customizable.


*If you would rather have your Wedding at The Alien Cathouse – the same packages and offers can be transferred there.



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